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8 Benefits to Leasing a Copier

8 Benefits to Leasing a Copier

There are many benefits to copier leasing. Most businesses would rather lease a copier to avoid paying a lump some of money for equipment that they require. Copier leases can be very affordable and most leases come with some sort of maintenance agreement. This is good because it allows businesses to be worry free and hands free when it comes to dealing with their technology. That said here are 10 benefits to leasing a copier:

  1. Maintenance is included.
  2. Ink Cost is included.
  3. Low monthly payments.
  4. At the end of your lease there is usually a $1 buyout or you can upgrade to a new machine.
  5. If the copier breaks and is unrecoverable, the copier is replaced for you.
  6. Keep the most up-to-date technology
  7. Tax Advantages- The lease can be treated as a pre-tax business expense
  8. Flexible Pay Structures- You can get as much as 100% financing with no money down.

Leasing is a great solution when purchasing equipment such as a copier. It’s important to have a copier in today’s market. Most businesses do and in order to be competitive and productive, utilizing technology is  a requirement, not a choice.

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